The following notice below serves as an official legal statement to affirm that The Goodrum Group, hereinafter referred to as “the Company,” is an independent associate of Ameriplan. The purpose of this statement is to clarify the relationship between the Company and Ameriplan, and to assert the independent nature of this association.

  1. Independent Associate Status: The Goodrum Group is an independent entity and operates as an Associate of Ameriplan. This means that the Company is not an employee, agent, or representative of Ameriplan, and is acting independently in its business activities.
  2. Business Autonomy: The Company retains full control and autonomy over its business operations, including but not limited to marketing, sales, customer relations, and financial management. Ameriplan does not exercise control or influence over the day-to-day activities of the Company.
  3. No Employer-Employee Relationship: It is expressly understood that there is no employer-employee relationship between the Company and Ameriplan. The Company’s associates are not considered employees of Ameriplan, and they are not entitled to employee benefits or privileges.
  4. Compliance with Ameriplan Policies: While the Company operates independently, it agrees to comply with Ameriplan’s policies and procedures as outlined in the official Ameriplan documentation provided to the Company. Any deviations from these policies are at the sole discretion and responsibility of the Company.
  5. No Authority to Bind Ameriplan: The Company is not authorized to act as an agent for, or on behalf of, Ameriplan in any contractual or legal capacity. The Company does not have the authority to bind Ameriplan to any agreements, contracts, or obligations.

This legal statement is intended to clarify the nature of the relationship between The Goodrum Group and Ameriplan and is binding upon both parties. Any amendments or modifications to this agreement must be in writing and agreed upon by both parties.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us